The Baobab family can only thrive and prosper by regular donations. Being a member you’re an essential part to ensure our work in Kenya! The monthly minimum amount for a membership is 5€ (3€ discounted) Of course you’re allowed to make a pay a higher amount. Each Euro will support the project. The German part of the project is an appreciated nonprofit institution which lives on voluntary work, so that there are almost no costs for administration.

Transparency is an important point or us. On request you may get access to the member area of our Website. There you get access to our accountancy and you get many information about the situation in Mikindani and the children.
Being an appreciated nonprofit institution, the Baobab family reserves the right to write contribution receipts. On request you may receive a voucher as soon as we received your donation. For such a voucher please indicate your address on your transferal. Usually you’ll receive the voucher in he ending of the calendar year in January.
“help with only 17 cent per day”is not a promotional slogan of the Baobab family, as we are not a huge organization which needs thousands of euros to pay its administration and publicity campaigns. In our organization each cent gives us security and the chance to get one more child from the street into a new family. We are convinced to be able to disclaim such costs also in the future by your recommendation to your friends and family.

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Baobab Family e.V. is recognized as charitable non-profit association, and therefore entitled to issue tax-deductible donation receipts. Unless we have your current address, you will be the receipt is sent to you is usually after the conclusion of the calendar year in January. Please understand if it takes a little longer, we all work as volunteers besides to other obligations such as University, family and professional employment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][:]

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