The project‘s name „Baobab“ related to the African tree of the same name, the tree of life. The Baobab tree collects water from the short rain periods and saves it for droughts, provides food, building materials, remedies and protection. It grows slowly, but as stable roots and the ability to survive long periods of drought.

The Baobab serves as symbol for out work: Sustainability, protection and care for people.

Baobab Family provides safety and security to its beneficiaries, just like a family. Following the policy „help for self-help“ we support them to take their future in their own hands. We provide not only food and shelter, but give them the opportunity, to exist independently and self-sustaining in the society. The children go to school and get support in developing a job perspective.






The difference: Three principles


  1. Transparency

The Baobab Family attaches importance on making the accounts of the organization accessible for all members, both for the members in Germany as well as in Kenya. Especially the transparent use of a donation is on focus: On demand every member and sponsor has the opportunity to get an account to an internal log-in area on our website. Here you can access financial reports of the previous years and look into our current accounts. We update the accounts frequently. This transparency is the basis for our principle no. 2

  1. Fight against corruption

Corruption is a big topic in Africa. Without bribe, all processes are slow, and collaborating with the Kenyan public offices is often hard. For example, it took almost 12 month to register the Baobab Family sister organization Baobab Family – Africa as international NGO in Kenya. We are strictly against to use donation funds as bribe to fasten processes. We prefer being patient and have thus a anti-corrupt reputation in the Kenyan offices. Our Motto: Who involves into corruption, contributed to it.

  1. Slim administration

In Germany we all work on a voluntary base for the organization. Only shipping costs, stationaries, official fees and, in urgent cases, transport is covered by the organization. That way we managed to keep our administrational costs as low as 5{511a4999f6ad55efab9c4f65b8007fac523dec59fee8848f04af929697f9a63d}, on average. We work together in our virtual office in the internet, so that no money for office space has to be spent. That way the donation can go straight to where they are urgently needed: Kenya.


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