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Donate safely and easily with Paypal via the donate button.
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Or simply by bank transfer to our bank account:
Baobab Family e.V.
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE69700205000008896400

Our sponsors and project sponsors have significantly influenced the development of the Baobab Family.

Without the recurrent, generous individual donations of construction and maintenance of the projects would not have been possible. So could e.g. on the grounds of the children’s home in Mikindani a fountain to be built, which now ensures the water supply there. A major goal of the Baobab Family is increasingly establish contact with sponsors in order to integrate them in the long-term education of children. Africa is not yet economically developed largely, but just Kenya has great potential to connect the continent to the international market.

Individual donations help us to cover extra-ordinary expenses: Repairs to the house,

complicated medical cases, or even investments like a greenhouse to support the food supply.

Donations are also very welcome – in Germany and Kenya. So we are very thankful for

example, catering at charity concerts, free festival stands or accommodations for musicians. Donations for Kenya are also always welcome, as in the form of computers, because the employees are not supplied with sufficient equipment for on-site documentation and communication with Germany.

In return we can donors exhibit a tax-deductible donation receipt, the attention of sponsors we can on our website and flyers mention. The Baobab Family e.V. is recognized as non-profit association, and therefore entitled to issue tax-deductible donation receipts. On request we will send you a receipt after receipt of

donation (from a donation of 20 €). For a donation receipt note for your bank transfer the postal address, or send us an email (LINK to contact). For individual donations, the receipt will be sent to you usually within four weeks. Please understand, once it takes a little longer, we all work as volunteers in addition to other obligations such as university, family and employment.

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