Child Sponsorship

By having a sponsorship for a child, you have the opportunity to take responsibility for his/her
development and education. In addition to financial assistance the sponsorship is also sustained letters, e-mails or even visits. Of course, the family commitment cannot be replaced by the
“aunts and uncles” abroad but these social contacts mean a lot to the kids. A sponsorship is possible from 30 € per month, however there is no limit upwards. As soon as we received the first fee you are going to get a confirmation and an individual report about your protégé.
Since 2006 the Baobab children of Mikindani have up to three sponsors. That is the way how
we try to cover the monthly expenses per child which come up to about 150€. The amount
includes education, medical and social care, food and other expenses. We think that it may be
an advantage to the children to have further godfathers, as it supports a intensive and diversified communication. Furthermore it means a lot to the children to know that there
is somebody thinking of them and supporting them, this may be an huge emotional assistance. Being sponsors you are also member of our association and will receive login details for our internal member area, exclusively for godfathers and members. There you will find current information about the project and the weekly account management Of course we would also appreciate support of children and teenager, for example by partnerships supported by school classes or school projects. This may be a great contribution to our project.  In addition to partnerships for children there are also partnerships for projects (from 15 € per
months) which are supporting HIV prevention and care projects or the Day- and Homecare

Baobab Family e.V. is recognized as charitable non-profit association, and therefore entitled
to issue tax-deductible donation receipts. Unless we have your current address, you will be the
receipt is sent to you is usually after the conclusion of the calendar year in January.  Please understand if it takes a little longer, we all work as volunteers besides to other obligations such as university, family and professional employment.


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