[:de]Ehrenamtliche Mitarbeit[:en]Volunteering in Germany[:]

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A large part of the active work in the team relates to events, for example, at concerts, markets, festivals or series of actions in schools or universities. Helpers are needed to organize benefit concerts, lectures and information booths and provide support.
In the event donations will be collected, inform interested parties about the project, members and sponsors found and often sold Kenyan products.
Here there is plenty of room for ideas! How and on what events we experience: your commitment are no limits here. From the concert organizer to flyer distribution – all are welcome!
The organization of events is an important part of our fundraising. We are looking for next event organizers but also Inter Disseminated, submit the applications for companies and other institutions.

Editorial staff
Texts for information brochures, webpage, fundraising letters: Who can write, is in good hands in this group.
Regular reports from Kenya must be summarized in short, to understand texts, which can be used as news on the homepage, in the newsletter or for info walls, brochures and press releases. We also need graphic artists for flyer and Infomappe designing and helping hands in order to keep our website up to date. Translators are also required: from English into German and vice versa.
All relevant events and events require an active public relations. For this News articles need to be written and put online. In addition, you want the contact to the local or national press are built and maintained.

Working Group Internal Communications

For the work in this group you need to be a bit longer involved in the Baobab Family. By e-mail, phone or in-person meetings, the group answered external inquiries and is responsible for the employee, member and sponsor support.
New helpers are trained by this group into the project and cooperation, until they can be independently active there. The lists of members, sponsors and active helpers are currently kept, maintained contacts and sent letters Pate.

Workgroup Administration

The administrative tasks are performed by the Board, but also here helping hands are needed. Especially for tasks related to finances responsibly interested are searched. The account inputs have updated daily, checked budgets and financial statements will be published.

Above all, we still need help with the web administration, supervision and design of the website and the e-mail mailboxes.

Donations are also very welcome – in Germany and Kenya. So we are very thankful for example, catering to benefit concerts, free festival stands or accommodations for musicians. Donations for Kenya are also always welcome, as in the form of computers, because the employees are not supplied with sufficient equipment for on-site documentation and communication with Germany.

In return we can donors exhibit a tax-deductible donation receipt, the attention of sponsors we can on our website and flyers mention.

The Baobab Family e.V. is recognized as non-profit association, and therefore entitled to issue tax-deductible donation receipts. On request we will send you a receipt after receipt of donation (from a donation of 20 €). For a donation receipt note for your bank transfer the postal address, or send us an email (LINK to contact). For individual donations, the receipt will be sent to you usually within four weeks. Please understand, once it takes a little longer, we all work as volunteers in addition to other obligations such as university, family and employment.


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